Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scott & Alicia Mays' Wedding

This past Saturday, I DJ'ed a wedding and reception for Scott & Alicia Mays. It was a long, but very fun night. I spun music for most of 9 hours! I had a great time, and I picked up a few leads for some upcoming gigs.

You can find a few more photos in the 'Recent Gig Photos' slideshow in the column on the right.

There were about 100 people attending the ceremony, with (I am guessing) only about a third of those people attending the reception. I received some great compliments about my music selections, and there were a few requests for songs that I did not have, but overall people seemed pleased with the music. I was told by several friends who attended that they heard good comments about the music. Even so, quite a few people cut out early.

Those of us who did stay until the wee hours really partied hard. And we had a great time.

Congratulations to Scott, Alicia and family. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!



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