Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Gig - Sept 12

I accepted a gig for a wedding on September 12th. I've got a few songs to buy, and I have to finish my coffin before then.

I am inquiring about a DJ Promotional music subscription service. Seems to b the way to go.

And of course, I need to practice my mixing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NI Kontakt Player - Free

Native Instruments Kontakt is a very powerful sampler instrument used by many great musicians and producers to create great sounding tracks.

Now they have decided to release a free version! It's called Kontakt Player and it will load any of the sample libraries that are made for Kontakt. And they are also giving you one of the sample libraries for free as well.

Click here to check out the new free Kontakt Player.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Sampled

Ever wonder where a particular sample comes from? Ever hear a song and recognize the hook or the melody or drums and just cannot figure out where you heard it before? This website is a great resource for cataloging samples and where they came from.

Some artists take their samples from a wide variety of music, while some seem to use a very distinct sound base.

Anyhow, a lot can be learned from this site, so check it out.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DJ Times' 2009 Best DJ

Time's almost up! Vote for DJ Time's 2009 Best DJ:


Break yo self

Today I stumbled across a few Qbert breakbeat records, collectively known as the Breaktionary. Most of these breaks are from 70s funk songs, perfect for looping or slicing up in your favorite DAW software.

Enjoy -

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keep 'em spinning for MCA

Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys has been diagnosed with Cancer. He is undergoing treatment, and in an effort to promote his music, I ask you to check out the following links to dope Beastie Boys remix sites: (from the boys themselves.)

and these two are from fans and remix DJs...

Keep keepin' on, MCA. You've lifted my spirits so many times, I wish I could return the favor.


Like a garbage bag full...

Congratulations! This must be a thrilling moment for you. (lol)

You've just found the blogspot of DJ Jfree, aka DJ Noodle. This blog will be an outlet for my music and a place for my mind to overflow and leak out into cyberspace.

So today, I've just been listening to Malcolm McLaren's Buffalo Gals (Back To Skool) album. This album contains many of the sounds that we turntablists buy on all of those battle/skratch/skipless records.

I really do recommend giving it a listen.

If you want an interesting read or you just want to learn about where hip hop comes from, check out this link: or better yet, watch the movie Scratch:

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