Friday, September 4, 2009

Record Spindle Hole Repair

Ever notice how some records have some slack space in the spindle hole? These records tend to skip when being scratched or backspun or touched in just about any other way.

So, how can you fix this?

On his first scratch instructional DVD, DJ Qbert recommended sticking the label that comes with a blank cassette tape through the hole, but since people don't really buy blank cassette tapes anymore, it could get expensive to buy a bunch of blank cassettes just for the labels.

So I started to think about what other type of labels could one buy that are cheaper, maybe nicer looking, and still get the job done. The answer I came up with is called 'Ring Reinforcers.' They are the little round stickers with a hole in the middle that you use to repair your 3-hole paper if you rip one of the holes out.

Here is a picture of one, borrowed from

These are dirt cheap, come in a variety of colors, and are available almost anywhere. I bought two packages of them at WalMart for like $2 each. Since you get somewhere around 200 per pack, I have not had to replace my supply in around three years now, but I am certain that they are still cheap.

And, just for you lazy people out there, here is a link to the product at, so you can have some mailed to your door:

So, you put the ring reinforcer as close to the center of the spindle hole as possible, but don't get upset if it's not perfectly centered, it will work just as well. Next, just place the record on the spindle of your turntable, with the side that you stuck the ring reinforcer on down. Since the center hole on the record is larger than the center hole on the ring reinforcer, the spindle pushes the excess material up into the spindle hole on the record, and this material fills the gap that was causing the record to skip. The last thing that you need to do is give the record a few cuts, scratches or backspins, because it may be a little too tight at first. You may need to break it in, so to speak.

Have fun, and keep that vinyl spinning.



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